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November 30, 2009

Indonesian Teen The Victims of Pornographic Videos

The scene porn XXX video a pair of two Indonesian teen lover who was famous with the title of Bandung Lautan Asmara, could make the sensational public at the beginning of previous 2000. However at this time revealed the similar videos no longer the strange matter for the communities. The brightness of the pornographic video with Indonesian ‘original artist’ that circulated deliberately and not deliberate arrived at the public, no longer made the commotion of the Indonesian community.

According to the Indonesian Communications and Information Minister Tifatul Sembiring, at this time had 500 pornographic videos ‘made by’ Indonesian that circulated in the community. From 500 kinds of these pornographic video with Indonesians's actor, 70 percent were doing by the adolescent of the JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL and SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL or by the student instead.

How did we take care of our children not to be involved and carry out this?

When being thought about and pay close attention to it now, the Indonesian adolescent was increasingly brave did this immorality action and even against the regulations. And unfortunately, the community's response was not bigger towards against the adolescent pornographic video XXX circulation.

The reason of the daughter's adolescent want to do the pornographic video XXX with his sweetheart was because she loved and frightened she was left. In fact the risk of the daughter's adolescent who became the artist of the porno graphic XXX video would have the psychological disturbance experience when being faced with the community.

What must be done by the parents to take care of their daughter from bad influences and want to become pornographic video casualties?

1. The understanding and the deepening of religious knowledge, because of all the religions in generally banned to do adultery and pornographic.
2. Gave true sex education early and did not violate the standards of the religion and the state regulations.
3. Kept away the daughter from the influence of the bad environment.
4. Supervised where the daughter's adolescent liked to gather and sit idle with his friends.
5. Supervised the use of the internet and gave the understanding of the use of the internet since early.